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See how BookBrewery creates the most amazing
Coloring Books

See how author Olivia Grande creates one coloring book for her Simple & Bold Coloring Book Series. BookBrewery's tools provide a simple yet powerful interface that helps creating a seamless workflow for your needs.

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How To

Create content in just 3 steps

Let our Puzzle Wizard assist with the most time consuming tasks to create various word puzzles.

Select Page Type
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Select Page Type

Choose any type of puzzle you want whether it's a Crossword, Word Search, Mazes, Sudokus and more. Insert text pages or make a Journal book.

  • Choose from our template library.
  • Combine puzzle types.
  • Select the size and difficulty of your puzzles.
Generate Word Lists and Clues
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Generate Word Lists and Clues

Use the Puzzle Wizard to help you create the word list and answer clues for your Word Search puzzles and Crosswords.

  • Use the wizard to create all answers.
  • Manually input your desired answer clues or keywords.
  • Let the wizard select the topics for your puzzles or manually insert them.
Drag and Drop Pages in Any Order
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Drag and Drop Pages in Any Order

After generating your book, use the Page Order section to easily organize your document the way you need it.

  • Drag and Drop to order your puzzles inside your book.
  • Select the order your answer pages will appear.
  • Insert new pages or delete them.
Use Cases

Generate books in minutes

Let our Puzzle Wizard assist with the most time consuming aspects of creating low and medium content books.

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Create customizable crosswords quickly with our intuitive tools and extensive word database for instant puzzles.

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Word Searches

Generate engaging word searches effortlessly, choosing from various themes and difficulty levels in minutes.

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Craft challenging sudokus easily with adjustable difficulty settings, ensuring hours of puzzle-solving enjoyment.

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Coloring Books

Design unique coloring books by adding intricate patterns and images for a relaxing experience.

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Create intricate mazes of varying complexity quickly, perfect for keeping minds active and entertained.

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Develop personalized journals with customizable pages, ideal for daily reflections and organized notes.

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“BookBrewery is a game-changer for creating kids' coloring books! The tools are user-friendly and efficient, making the whole process a breeze. Highly recommend for any aspiring authors out there!”

Olivia Grande

Young Author of Coloring Books
“I've never had an easier time creating word searches and crosswords. The Puzzle Wizard is incredibly intuitive, and the variety of features is impressive. BookBrewery has transformed my publishing workflow!”

Mark T.

Book Author and Independent Publisher
“BookBrewery's platform is an invaluable asset for our publishing needs. The wide range of customizable puzzles and ease of use has significantly streamlined our book creation process. Fantastic service!”

Sophia R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a free plan which lets you try things out to see how things work.

With BookBrewery, you can create word search puzzles, crosswords, mazes, sudokus, coloring pages, and journals.

We Offer three plans:
  • Free Plan: Create one 20-page book per month with access to all puzzle features.
  • Entrepreneur Plan: Create fifty 100-page books per month, includes all features plus the "Puzzle Wizard" to assist with puzzle creation.
  • Pro Publisher Plan: Create unlimited books with unlimited pages, includes all features and access to the Puzzle Wizard.

BookBrewery does not create book covers for online publication. We recommend using services like or for professional covers. However, you can add a simple cover for home printing.

You can select from our vast library of backgrounds or upload your own. You can tweak the size and opacity of the background and apply it to the whole book or specific pages. Similarly, you can add borders, adjusting their size and opacity, and apply them to the entire book or specific pages.

Yes, you can combine all types of puzzles into one activity book, keeping in mind the limitations of your chosen plan.

The Puzzle Wizard is a feature that helps you with the creation of puzzles. It is included in the Entrepreneur and Pro Publisher plans.

The Free Plan allows one 20-page book per month. The Entrepreneur Plan allows fifty 100-page books per month. The Pro Publisher Plan has no limits on the number of books or pages.

Yes, BookBrewery has a feature that lets you generate a QR code or a shortened URL for your book.